Where did Lazar go in September 2003?

In September 2023 Laki promoted Lil' Brave One in Barcelona, where he was admitted to the department for rare neurometabolic diseases of the San Joan de Deu SJD Children's Hospital, for additional diagnostic procedures. He was seen by experts for rare neurometabolic diseases.

Lakijeva poseta SJD bolnici

This was possible primarily because of Laki's strength, Milana's commitment, Lil' Brave One (Hrabrisa)'s perseverance, with the cooperation of experts, members of the iNTD network and all the resources it offers.

The Roche company recently organized a Children's Walk humanitarian campaign where employees donated money in the amount of 74,500 rsd which helped us to cover hospital expenses.

Thank you all for supporting our Lil Brave Ones.