Young Scientist Forum (YSF)

How do you evaluate whether the conference was good?

  • Based on the knowledge you gained through high-quality lectures which triggered new questions?
  • Based on inspiring and high-quality conversations during breaks, over a cup of not-so-high-quality coffee?
  • Based on the ideas that were initiated at the conference and are being implemented even after a year?
  • Maybe all of the above?

The Conference on Rare Neurotransmitter Diseases RNTD-R2T that was held in Belgrade a year ago, in cooperation with patient organizations, doctors and researchers with the support of EJPRD and additional sponsors, is highly appreciated according to all of the above. The idea of continuing cooperation, whose flame was started at the conference, continued its life through the Young Scientist Forum (YSF) meeting.

YSF Team

The YSF was a remarkable gathering of young researchers, doctors specialised  in metabolic diseases, and patient advocates in rare neurotransmitter diseases. Held at the University of Verona on 16th September 2023, the meeting aimed to provide a platform for communication, knowledge exchange, networking, and collaboration among participants from various perspectives related to rare neurotransmitter diseases. More in detail, aimed to make highly specific topics easy and accessible.

The latest knowledge about #rare #neurotransmitter diseases was shared, and a specially designed program brought a communication challenge: how to convey highly scientific achievements in a simple way? In order to successfully respond to this challenge, all participants attended training designed for this meeting. The dedication to training and the result was visible in action, the speakers presented highly scientific topics at the same time easy to follow, using phenomenally integrated metaphors that helped us all understand.

Such success is the result of the teamwork of young people:

The outputs of this forum will provide a best practice in bringing knowledge from specialized professionals to all stakeholders.

The YSF was a resounding success, bringing together professionals in metabolic diseases, researchers, and patient advocates to advance knowledge and innovation in the field of rare neurotransmitter diseases. The event facilitated productive discussions, collaborations, and the sharing of valuable insights.

As we look to the future, the commitments made during the meeting are expected to lead to further advancements in the field. We eagerly anticipate the next edition of the YSF and the continued growth of our community dedicated to rare neurotransmitter diseases. How about the next meeting in spring 2024? Follow us for more details.

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