Friendship in the Long Run

This year, on the International Family Day, May 15, the jubilee 35th Belgrade Marathon will be held. Runners can run a 21 or 42 kilometer track, or the "Aqua Viva Pleasure Race". If you decide to participate, you can run or walk a 2.5 km.

This year's Belgrade Marathon is held under the slogan "Friendship in the Long Run", which symbolizes a 35-year tradition and unity between the Belgrade Marathon and all its participants, patrons, sponsors and partners.

This marathon will be dedicated to extremely important social topics, such as the promotion of the physical activity, environmental protection and assistance and support for people with disabilities, as well as their inclusion in regular recreation, sports and life.

In the spirit of the slogan "Friendship in the Long Run", Lil’ Brave One is supported by fellow runners from the company MSD, who have the opportunity to donate funds to the Lil’Brave One Association. The runners from MSD Serbia will be joined by colleagues from Bulgaria, and we are honored that they will also run for us. 

At this year's marathon, Saška Božić - the owner of the Your Pharmacist profile on Instagram, will support Lil’ Brave One and run in a T-shirt with the Lil’ Brave One logo.



Saška Božić @

Before the race, Saška Božić said:

- This year I am running for the Association "Lil’ Brave One" because I want to run us to reach the level where EVERY child feels accepted in this society.

I want to show all people that children with rare diseases and their parents are full of life, experience, joy and energy.

I would also like people to understand that there is no need to avoid, as they mostly say, "these difficult topics", because "easy topics" are not good for anyone.

We invite you to support the Association "Lil’ Brave one" and our effort to ensure the highest quality of life for people with rare neurotransmitter and neurometabolic diseases.