Experiences on the topic of rare neurotransmitter diseases

It is our special pleasure to work with students and answer their questions, knowing that we raise awareness about rare neurotransmitter diseases in children, help in faster diagnosis and provide adequate treatment for our lil' brave ones.


Today, April 23rd 2021 we had the opportunity to share our knowledge and experiences on the topic of rare neurotransmitter diseases in children with students of the master's study program of Medical Rehabilitation in Novi Sad, on the subject of interdisciplinary medical rehabilitation. We talked about:

  • clinical signs of rare neurotransmitter diseases
  • physical therapy in children with neurotransmitter diseases
  • parents' perspective and the importance of the work of the Lil' Brave One (Hrabriša) association.

The best learning outcomes are achieved when learning based on practical examples, and today we learned on the example of a rare neurotransmitter disease tyrosine hydroxylase deficiency of. The lecture was held online, via Zoom platform.

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