Medical education, guest lecturer PD Dr. med. Thomas Opladen, Heidelberg University Hospital

Anin tim hrabrisaOn 9th December 2016 there was a very significant symposium in the full auditorium of the Clinic for Neurology and Psychiatry for Children and Adolescents in Belgrade – a course titled “A Clinical Presentation, Diagnosis and Treatment of Congenital Metabolic Disorders“. The course was held in the organisation of Medical Faculty, University of Belgrade, Department of Neurology and the Clinic for Neurology and Psychiatry for Children and Adolescents, under patronage of prof. Vedrana Milić Rašić and prof. Nebojša Jović, with the help of dr Galina Stevanović.

The lecture was attended by around 50 different specialists: children’s neurologists, endocrinologists, pediatricians, physiatrists, as well as biochemists, geneticists and physical therapists. Dr Thomas Opladen pleased us with the lecture on inborn metabolic disorders.

... you can read about the symposium in more detail in the magazine A Word for Life (“Reč za život “).